walking like a 1 year old

March 28, 2008

I am thinking about how we learn… how children learn… and how adults learn. I am also thinking quite a bit about change. What it takes to change and that exciting feeling… physically… when we connect new information and understandings to the known. The exhiliration and energy of true learning. The fact it happens instantly, in a flash, and often in spite of ourselves.

I was twittering the other day (I LOVE twitter)… and had an interesting exchange about the idea I was exploring… in my graduate classes, do I take baby steps or just require students to sign up for Google accounts and use Google docs for coursework? And then I began to think about “baby steps” for a one year olds and we learn to walk. When one-year-olds start walking it is not controlled or measured in any way. Actually, it looks more like a stumbling run.

So this led me to think about connections for online learning. There is already a baseline level of online experience and that students need in order to participate and achieve success in the online classroom. They already need to navigate and use the different features of the LMS. So… much like the pulling to a stand, walking along the edges of things, students are already started exploring the online world with online navigation of eCollege. So expanding our expectation to Google docs… really not as much of a reach as it at first seemed.

And now… as I write this blog… hesitating to post… wanting to go back, rework, reword, wondering… did I say all I have to say? Did I include everything I wanted to include? I am now thinking- no… publish it as is. My own process, my own learning is bound to have some stumbles, too… so be off! Hit publish…


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