participating in the conversation

April 15, 2008

Recorded a podcast for the first time today. Well, kind of. I basically agreed to have a conversation/ interview… and have it recorded. I was hesitant. Nervous. I mean, who am I, really, to talk about all of this? And that was the point… who are any of us, really? We all have our own thoughts, our own passions, our own views of the world and our place in it… and ultimately our own way to participate in the conversation. But as I have so often lurked, learned and listened in to others’ ideas, beliefs and ways of being… here is a chance for me to offer up the same.

When it came down to it, I realized… I had a chance here to walk my talk, participate in the conversation, and cross out of my comfort zone. If I am going to ask students and colleagues to step out of theirs, I need to continue to step out of my own. What I found was that there is something really important about doing. Assumption. Action. Forward motion down the path of learning, knowing, sharing and ultimately being the change we want to promote.


One Response to “participating in the conversation”

  1. I stumbled upon your blog from the comment challenge and I was scanning through your posts, this one caught my eye.

    I often feel the same way; I think that perhaps the things I say are repetitive and that other people, who are more experienced, are saying them better.

    But I think that it is important to try, experiment, and learn just as we ask our students to do. After all, human relationships are organic and grow in random ways, so perhaps me reading your blog will make you go and read mine, and although we both felt that we weren’t experts, just because we put ourselves out there…we met.

    Cool stuff.

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