living the process

April 20, 2008

So many parts of this online exploration and dimension building are truly fun. Energizing, even. I have been reminded, yet again this weekend, of how little I know and how much I have to learn. When I set out this semester, to increase interaction and collaboration in my classes, I really thought I was well prepared to do so. I chose a good class that students responded well to last year, now all I needed to do is identify new collaboration methods because the content was already there.

Or, so I thought.

Looking through last year’s eyes… the content was good, really good even. But now, looking at it through the lens of potential collaboration it actually was quite dry. It was detailed for independent exploration, and really did not support the collaboration and interaction that would allow for synthesis and evaluation of these ideas. SO…here I sat… seriously frustrated… seeing SO clearly how I wanted students to interact online, but with limited vision of the steps I would need to put in place to lead them to success in this endeavor.

It was a very lonely feeling.

And then, as if my own lack of surety was not enough,

Google docs was ‘experiencing technical difficulties.’ When I logged in it said I had 5 documents. 5. Not the 27 I had yesterday. And among the missing was my Standards and Assessments presentation I had created just this afternoon! Yikes! Was this the universe telling me that ha! I did not indeed have the skills or knowledge to pull this off? I mean, really, who did I think I was? Google docs down?!??! Come on!

So… not knowing what else to do… and truly, not even knowing where I would start to appeal for help… I decided to tweet my angst.

And the world righted itself on its axis.

My documents came back~ first spreadsheets, then docs and finally presentations. And in my plea to the twitterverse I regained perspective and confidence. And it hit me. This faculty learning community idea~ social interaction and connection~ is no small thing. I seek collaboration for my students as I know it supports and drives best learning. Well… it supports and drives best learning for faculty as well.


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