let it grow

May 5, 2008

It’s my birthday! And being my birthday I am doing what I have done for the last several years now: filling my day with the thinking and ways I want to spend my time in the coming year. What I am thinking about most at the moment is the notion of a faculty learning community. So much of learning is social. My learning is DEFINITELY social. I need the constant influx of others’ perspectives and ideas to keep me clear on and advance my own thinking and my own ideas.

What I really want is a simple, organic process that can be put in place to illuminate the conversation.  There is no need at this point to start the conversation… it is already there, in all of our heads, in hallways, on cellphones, in twitter, on blogs, in chat. What we need now is a happening… or series of happenings, to bring together people who are thinking about the best ways to teach and the technological tools that allow us to share and expand our thoughts. This already exists in many venues across the nation and around the world. Acting locally, we can bring this awareness and action into our own community, expanding our resources and ultimately strengthen the community of learning we already share. So, to do this I know we need a routine way to connect, to participate in the conversation. In so doing, we will illuminate the conversation as it is… and ultimately nurture it to grow.


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