alternative assumptions

May 15, 2008

I continue to think about what it takes for human beings to change, to adjust, to adopt new ways of doing things. This turns my thinking to social learning theory- that we learn and grow from our interactions with and observations of others. I think often about the ways we participate in the assumptions we live within: what we eat, where we go, what we do is based on what we know from what we have done before and what we see of others. The expectation of what we think others are doing is powerful.

So when we think about change, think about influence, think about what will bring forward the conversation, when do we think about our underlying assumptions? The underlying assumptions of others? When we talk about bandages, tissues, the shop who sells fair-trade, shade-grown coffee, independent booksellers, local food-source driven markets and restaurants, we provide alternative assumptions to the big box, every corner, mass marketed assumptions of our consumer culture. When we look at how we communicate, what tools we use, what behaviors we expect in our interactions with others, and their expectations of us, we have the opportunity to be the change, support the change we want to see.

Assumption is powerful. Is it a vehicle for change?


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