striving towards openness

August 19, 2009

It’s been an interesting year. Lots of teaching. Way more learning. And now it is time to apply this learning to the work of this new year.

I’m thinking about openness in the graduate level classroom. As I seek to re-work and further open the work in our classes I am wondering:

    • How do we organize the class: stages of content, gradual release of responsibility, time management for all of us- how do we keep the time spent on the class to advance thinking about teaching and learning and avoid typical tech pitfalls?
    • What should be open and shared? process? products? conversations?  some?  all? and the flipside, what needs to remain in the LMS?
    • Ownership- is our work in the class the work of ‘the class’… or are we all separate collaborative?  for example: do we each feed our own blogs and use Yahoo pipes to bring the posts together, or do we populate a group blog?
    • Implications for grading- grading success and accomplishment or absence will be easy.  What about variance in collaborative work? Growth model or benchmark? Content vs communication of ideas?

    Your thoughts are most welcome…


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