reframing reform

February 21, 2011

So, as our policy structure at this point in time is built on a ‘deficiency’ and ‘accountability’ framework, what might move us to reframe and evolve?
As I examine Stein’s version of where we are now… and play with what could work better (this is rough, but a start I think…)
Historical moment— in the backlash of corporate and business-model policy that is clearly failing to meet the goals, turn to a social justice framework to explain individual and group realities in communities and schools, and to establish a frame for the role of education based in an access and equity orientation rather than the current ‘excellence’ one leading us down the business model path…
then establish Institutional Arrangements in which funding streams and accountability mechanisms focus on body-of-evidence and performance/project based demonstrations of higher order thinking, communication of ideas and creation.
Which could establish a Culture of Policy in which learners are seen as sufficient, Government as interactive engaged observer  and incentives focused toward engaging and promoting demonstrations of synthesis, evaluation and creation across content areas.
And result in Language and Rituals of Practice that frames students as able, establishes learning opportunities that engage and promote collaboration and higher order thinking, attaches stigma to reductive measures and structures that limit educator and learner to achieve ‘global competence’

2 Responses to “reframing reform”

  1. Thanks, Jenna,

    Lots of interesting things to unpack. Still Mulling but in the meantime..

    “Historical moment” to me is the ending of the era of American de facto hegemony over the world economy. For the first time in my lifetime, I’m seeing non Euro/American Global business seriously competing for both American and Global marketplaces.

    I think the way this filters down to us real people, is the era of using houses as ATM machines to make up for lost real wages in the middle/working class is over.

    All over the world debt has to be written down. I think it’s fair to say that’s what’s playing out in every State today.

    I guess I would put more of the responsibility on state and local governments than on “business.” Only because as I see it , the purpose of business is to earn revenue. But the job of government is to maintain the rules. it’s pretty clear that for at least the last eight years, government gets a failing mark.

    The other point I think worth making is that shape of the conflict in American edu is at least a hundred years old. Progressive v ? ( not sure of the right term. ‘

    It’s worth noting that in the Iowa district of @JohnCCarver “service” is a defining characteristic of the culture.

    Lots more to mull. But wanted to keep the conversation going.

    • jennaream Says:

      Thanks for the reply Michael, lots more to mull, indeed. I see your points about American edu, business, and government as important facets of the same problem… and perhaps, the same solution? I think there is still a lot to unpack around the established ‘culture of policy’ the fundamentals that underlie the current rules- economically and educationally… as the two cannot be separated…

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